The following table provides an overview of platform enhancements on the approach. Check back for updates. 

Feature   Title   Priority Related Support Ticket Numbers

Authentication Integration    Add patron details to ADFS My Account, incl. GDPR Approval step in config. Completed1425
Callouts    Manual Sort Order/Weight22267
Cover Art IntegrationCloudLibrary 1836STAC-3483
Dashboard Translation - Japanese, English, Spanish, French 2

Database Listings
Add ability to add a custom block above Database Listings
Database Listings 
Add ability to TAG for multiple category support        
681, 843

Database Listings
Add ability to Sort Featured Listings
2826, 1300

Database Listings
Add ability to Sort Mini Slider
Completed826, 1300

Database Listings
Add ability to configure default sort order    Completed933
Database ListingsOpenAthens database listing import

Directory ListingsMake default sort order configurable (First Name or Last Name) Completed942
Directory ListingsAdd Show/Hide Option for Phone Number on List View21728
Directory Listings    Add Show/Hide Option for Full Description on List View21668
EDS Integration    Autocomplete & Auto-suggestCompleted

EDS IntegrationRead Online links to open in same window21240
EDS Integration    Set title link as Connect link21622
EDS Integration    Sync EBSCO Folder to Stacks My Account and add EBSCO Folder features31095
Events    Set color and display options, bold etc. on event creation or rule set 21723
EventsHide Location Filter when there is only one locationCompleted1283
EventsClone an Event 21312, 1714
Events    Configuration to set Default Event Sign Ups ON or OFF
Completed230, 1419Slight modification, Enable in bottom of Event creation form instead
EventsCheck Room Availability & Book a Room when creating an Event 2384, 619 
Events    Allow multiple Signups in a single workflow3760, 1927
Events    Display unpublished events on Calendar view for staff only - greyed out2874
EventsAdd date and time to Events list in Dashboard21626
EventsEvents widget for use on institution sites/ Stacks Feed for use in OPACs3908, 1729
EventsTeaser Block, Upcoming 5 - add image2967
EventsAdd email to list display in Dashboard3992
EventsPre-populate email in signup when patron protected
EventsTeaser Block - created by Filter Vocabulary11056
EventsAdd waitlist feature when Signups full21057
EventsSignup Copy - make configurable21322
EventsEvent Signups email confirmations - support HTML
EventsAdd iCal Export21889
EventsCalendar Print PDFCompleted1877
EventsMore Repeat Options to support: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month21965
Events    Customize the count of events displayed in the Teaser Block22353
Google Search Bar in Google Search Results1298
ILS IntegrationAdd Hold Request Status and Sort - Sirsi first1973
ILS IntegrationNew Sirsi Feature - see Hold Requests Queue Position21139
ILS Integration    Sirsi - replace Patron ID with Barcode in My Account Display21488
ILS Integration     Polaris - Add Lists to My Account22357
ILS Integration        WMSCompleted

ILS Integration    Koha1

ILS IntegrationAleph2

Index Pages/Entries    Assign index items to multiple categories 32486

IntegrationGoogle Drive3


IntegrationStackMap Completed

IntegrationPublication Finder API2


Integration    SAMLCompleted

IntegrationGoogle Book Jackets    

Integration    EDS API Enhancements - Custom API FiltersCompleted

IntegrationActive Directory Federation Services (ADFS)Completed

Hide Staff Login in Footer when logged in as Patron

ImprovementConfigurable IP whitelist denied error message    Completed839STAC-3487
LanguageAdministration dashboard available in Arabic, Spanish and French3Top Layer Complete
Landing PagesSort by headers in Dashboard11152
Locations & Hours
Display days Mon-Sun vs Sun-Sat (configurable)

Locations & Hours
Convert Google-integrated hours from 24 to 12 hr clock3961
Locations & Hours
Allow Top Menu Location Bar to have link31471
Locations & Hours    Support Closed Dates and include in Top Menu Location Bar22335
My AccountDisplay/navigation improvementsCompleted1118
New FeaturePurchase Suggestions form - autofill 3936
New Feature    Alerts/AnnouncementsCompletedSee Patron Modal Feature
New Feature    Appointment Booking with Directory Listing People21878
New FeatureWebex Integration - Webex Training as Events with External Signup Links2783
New Feature    Index PagesCompleted

News ArticlesAbility to hide filters/side bar on aggregate dynamic view2901
News ArticlesTeaser Block, Upcoming 5 - add image
News ArticlesEmbed Custom Block above details21295
Novelist Select IntegrationImprovements21123
Patron ModalAdd set publish and expiration date22130
Patron Modal    Add preview feature22136
Platform    Add staff login page (/user) to robots.txt file to limit google indexing
Research GuidesAdd/Embed Blocks (Resource Flows, RSS Feeds and Custom Blocks) 21090
Research GuidesMosaic layoutsCompleted

Research GuidesCustomize tab-specific URLs22340
Reserves    Configurable Sort Order2809
Reserves    Add book jacket support via EDS API11261, 1411
Resource Flows    Ability to Sort (Drag and Drop or Weight-driven - if weight, use alpha sort as secondary)    Completed1511
Resource FlowsAdd ability to manually upload an imageCompleted1073
Resource FlowsTurn on auto scrollCompleted 1942
ResponsiveMobile hide option - ie: Large Sliders41109
Room Bookings
Room Availability Lookup - Grid View for Admin Workflow
Room Bookings
Add ability to download spreadsheet of Bookings

Room BookingsContent protection enhancement - Rooms and events visible only to StaffCompleted

Room BookingsDisplay booked slots greyed outCompleted846STAC-3511
Room BookingsAdd email notification for all bookings, configurable31002, 1116STAC-3922
Room BookingsMake default form fields configurable - mandatory or notCompleted1149
Room BookingsBook a room while creating an event1

Room BookingsDisplay room bookings on the events calendar (optional per booking)2

Room BookingsAppend Easy Forms to Room Booking registrations    Completed

Room Bookings
Append Easy Forms to event signups        

Room BookingsColor code events by category3

Room BookingsAdd email notifications for New Bookings & Cancel Bookings11457
Room BookingsAdd minimum time to book ie: Must be more than 24 hrs in advance 32133
Room BookingsAllow multiple bookings at one time 31662
SearchSort Search Options in dropdown or tabsCompleted1019
Search    Add enhanced search to Bento - add more values on other search fields21080
SearchShow/hide empty Bento BoxesCompleted

SearchEDS API enhancement - show/hide each limiter/expander    Completed

SearchEDS Auto Suggest and Auto Correct    Completed

Search    Rate and tag search results2

SearchAdd comments/annotations to search resultsCompleted

Sliders    Set link destination21444
Social Integrations    Add ScoopIt11324
Stacks Mobile    Available in Arabic, Spanish and French    Completed

Themes        New theme: Nelson    Completed

ThemesVisual preview and color selector    Completed

Themes    Four (4) column layout options