Stacks Process - Requesting Enhancements 

Stacks is committed to continuous improvement as part of our premium SaaS offering. Included is website maintenance, bug fixes, compatibility checks, improvements, new features, and integrations as well as new themes. Enhancements to Stacks are driven by the needs and insights of the Stacks Community, including all new features which are built in partnership with customers. 

Enhancement requests are managed by the Stacks Support Team and are evaluated and scheduled according to the following:

  • Value to the greater Stacks Community

    • Scheduled as priority feature/improvement 

    • Size and scope of Enhancement influences scheduling 

  • Value to many customers but not critical or essential in nature 

    • Scheduled into the standard development queue/backlog as bug or improvement (~30-120 days) 

    • Responsive bugs are given higher priority 

  • Value but little strategic value (not enough customers/prospects)

    • Set for review for next quarter 

    • Added to Long-Term Roadmap 

  • Value to single customer with no value to others or prospects 

    • Professional Services required

    • Must be in line with Stacks best practices 

Please note that all Enhancements must be in line with Stacks best practices and mobile-friendly to be fully supported. Some requests may be declined for reasons relating to standards, best practices, and technical feasibility. 

A review of all requests is completed quarterly to influence the following quarter's development cycles. Popular requests may move up in the queue at any time. 

Instructions for Submission

Customer → Submits Ticket with Enhancement request to Stacks Support Desk (

Stacks Support Team → sends initial response based on evaluation outlined above

(allow for two business days for a response to be provided)

Stacks Support Team → responds with appropriate information/update; resolves the ticket.