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What is Stacks Bento search?

The final search format is Stacks Bento Search. This search format has the ability to search multiple APIs and the website simultaneously and group the results according to your preference. If the bento-style search configuration is applied in Stacks, a patron can search EDS, the OPAC (when a full ILS integration is possible) and the Stacks website simultaneously. Stacks can also provide custom integration services for Sharepoint or other third party sources for a fee.

The Stacks Bento Search format allows the library to customize search results in blocks of content that can be easily rearranged. There are several result groups available from each source. For example, the library may choose to display everything from EDS, books from the catalog and news and events items specifically from the website. The library can configure how many of each result type are presented in the results view and drag-and-drop those blocks into any layout they choose. In this case, each block has a "read more" label that will take the patron to either the EDS Integrated search results page as noted above, or out to the OPAC/catalog interface for more results. Same authentication rules apply. This capability is available without the ILS Integration option.

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