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What are some of the advantages of the Stacks Mobile app vs. Stacks web version?

Your very own Stacks mobile app provides several excellent benefits including the following: 

  • Every Stacks mobile customer will have their app icon visible on the user's phone for quick access instead of having to go through a browser and load the site.
  • The navigation in the app is faster than the website since it's a native application and not a web based application.
  • The requests are faster since it makes direct calls to the individual tool instead of going through the website server that services thousands of users.
  • Users will receive push notifications when a book put on hold is available for pick-up and when a book is nearing its due dates. 
  • Displaying the user's library barcode in their account page for quick use at the library removing the need to carry around your library card.
  • Quick access to an items Details, location, volume information, related items and reviews in a nice tabbed view.
  • Quick access to the user account information including, holds, items, current fees, and reading history also in nice tabbed view.
  • Barcode scanning of book barcodes for quick searching.
  • Scanning of Library card barcode.
  • Regular feature updates. 

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