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Can you use HTML/CSS coding with Stacks?

Deep HTML coding and customization is not permitted with Stacks. PHP is the backend code that drives functionality within the software. This is generally what someone might refer to as "custom development". It means a library could code their own modules or functions in the platform. This is not permitted as it would raise the cost of maintenance and hosting exponentially. 

We can scale Stacks and make it affordable because we maintain a single code base for all customers. This ensures our product remains up to date with relation to compatibility with languages, platforms, browsers, devices, etc. and is critical to responsible security management at scale. This provision also aids in our backup performance since we can restore code and have all client-specific customizations stored within the database rather than code. 

Editing the URL structure

You may utilize the auto-generated URL path provided by the Stacks platform when creating content and/or override with your own custom path for each page you create. Of course, you can use any domain you like and the Stacks team will assist with configuring the DNS on Go Live.

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