This function allows you to import a large list of users via CSV file. These users will all receive the user role "Patron".

How To:

Uploading a file

  1. Navigate to the "User Import" tile on the dashboard beneath the "Integrations" tile
  2. Click "Choose File" and select the desired CSV file from your file browser
  3. Click "Next"

Map file columns to Stacks Fields

You must have a column of email addresses as Stacks users require a unique email address. The file you have just imported will be read and the column headers will display in as row titles in the import mapping table.

  1. For each row, heading choose the appropriate Stacks Field as a destination for that data (fields other than "email address" are optional)

Generate usernames

You can combine multiple rows into the username field during the import.

  1. For each desired row heading you may assign a number in the Username column of the import mapping table
  2. The column header you assign a 1 will be the first word of the username
  3. You can assign more rows a number and they will be merged into the username with no space added
  4. If you check the box marked abbreviate the system will only use the first letter of the data in that row
  5. Click "Import" to create users from this file

V 3.0.0