Create and manage pages of unique indexes with Stacks Index Pages. Each index page you create can have its own customizable categories and entries. Entries can include content and/or file attachments.

How To

Manage Index Pages

  1. Click the 'Index Pages' tile on the dashboard

  2. Click the 'Index Page' tile

  1. Click 'Add New Index Page'

  1. Add a Title

  2. Add a Description (Optional)

  3. Click 'SAVE'

Note: Before you can create entries for your new index page you need to create at least one Category 

Manage Index Categories

  1. From the Index Pages tile click the 'Index Entries' tile or from the 'Index Page' tile click the 'Manage Index Entries' button

  2. Click the 'Manage Filter Vocabularies' button above the table

  1. Select the 'Index Pages' tab

  2. Click 'list terms' for the corresponding Index Page title

Note: See Filter Vocabularies for how to create, edit and delete terms

Manage Index Entries

  1. Click the 'Index Pages' tile on the dashboard

  2. Click the 'Index Entry' tile

  1. Click 'Add New Entry'

  1. Add a title

  1. Optional: Provide a brief description of the database listing

  1. Click 'BROWSE' to add an image to the Index Entry that will display in the slider at the top of the Index Page (Optional)

  1. Select an Index Page and Category to associate with this Index Entry 

  1. Enter the desired URL (Optional)

  1. Click 'SAVE'

Edit an Index Entry

  1. Locate the Index Entry you would like to edit from the list

  2. Click 'Edit' for the corresponding entry

  1. Make any necessary changes to the Index Entry

  2. Click 'SAVE' to apply your edits

V 2.3.0