Welcome to Stacks Training Session 3

It’s time for Session Three! Here is an introduction and overview of the session that will help you prepare for the session and beyond. 

Training Program Overview

The Stacks Training Program consists of training sessions used to explore the platform and answer questions along the way. The sessions are broken into the following concepts: 

  • Session 3 - Special Tools & Features - explores a number of special tools that can be used to highlight content, book rooms and create events. This session also offers the opportunity to revisit any topics or content that may require a second look. The full agenda can be found here.


In preparation of Training Session 3, please review the following materials and explore the recommended Dashboard tiles: 

Explore the Dashboard

We recommend you explore the following Feature Tiles: 

  • Events Management

  • Room Bookings

  • RSS Feeds

  • News Articles

  • Easy Forms

  • Reserves

  • Directory Listings

It’s Time to Think About: 

  • How you want users to access your services

  • What Signature Stacks Tools you need to leverage

Recommended Reading

We encourage you to read the following as you begin familiarizing yourself with the Stacks platfom: 

  • Domain Transfer Process 

Reminder: Stacks Resources 

Stacks Support is Equipped with our digital user manual and step by step instructions and tutorial videos that will help you either get started or answer any questions you might have about a particular tools or feature. Stacks Support also provides access to our forums page where you can explore Q&A between the Stacks Customer Support Team and the Stacks Community. Visit Stacks Support here

Stacks Academy offers both in-depth and at a glance videos offering insight into the features and tools of the platform. Visit the Academy here

StacksDiscovery.com: The Stacks website is a wealth of information regarding Stacks and its products. Visit the site here

You are now part of the Stacks Community!

Need help? Have answers? 'Stacks Support' provides the latest information on platform updates, an ever-expanding list of FAQs, and a Community Forum that plays host to community and expert information exchange. Check out Stacks Support at support.stacksdiscovery.com