Stacks allows you to create content in multiple languages. 

For Example, You can create a basic page for "About Us" and then create a French version that will allow the user to toggle between the two by selecting their preferred language.

How To:

Add a Language to Your Site

The initial default language of a Stacks site is English. In order to create content in other languages, you need to add them to your system.

  1. From the Dashboard click on the 'System Configuration' tile
  2. Click on the 'Languages' tile
  3. Click the 'Add A Language' button

  1. Select a language from the dropdown list

  1. Click the 'Add Language' button

Note: Once a language has content associated with it, it can not be deleted until the content has been removed.

Delete a Language

To delete a language click delete and confirm

V 2.2.0