Stacks allows you to keep track of revisions of content. For example, when you save changes to a Basic Page, a revision of that page is created. You have the ability to revert back to any revision you like at any time.

In order to use the revision feature for a piece of content, you must first create a revision. To create a revision:

  1. Navigate to the edit screen of your desired content and scroll to the bottom to find the tab marked 'Revision information'
  2. Verify that the 'Create new revision' box is checked
  3. Make a note of why these new edits are being made in the 'Revision log message' text area (Optional)
  4. Click 'SAVE'

In order to revert back to a previous revision:

  1. Click the 'Revisions' tab at the top of the edit screen

  1. Click the 'revert' link corresponding to the revision you would like to revert to

When reverting back to a previous revision, Stacks will create a copy of that revision and mark it as the current version. This allows you to maintain a detailed history of revisions so you do not need to worry about losing track of your changes.

V 2.1.4