Session 3 looks at additional content creation tools as well as those features and/or tools you have identified as being a priority or requiring additional time exploring. The focus of this session is to prepare you for the final stages of implementing your Stacks platform and bringing you closer to going live. This is a great time to bring any questions or inquiries you would like the Stacks team to assist with. 

Preparing for Session 3

Consider the following before the start of Session 3:

  • Targeted ‘Go-Live’ date
  • Questions remaining from previous sessions or from your time exploring the Stacks platform

  • Areas of focus for final session (agenda provided below)

Session 3 - Pre Work

The following areas of the site should be explored prior to the start of Session 3. Click on the title to access the content:

Session 3 - Outline

The topic for Session 3 is Completing the Experience. The following links will provide you with access to the content for this important step.

Session 3 - Post Work

You are encouraged to learn more about these topics following Session 3: 

Please complete the following action items following Session 1:

  • Finalize the setup of the Stacks tools and features that you will be using on your new website
  • Finalize content in preparation for your Go-Lived date
  • Contact Stacks Technical Support regarding the steps needed to Go-Live