The second Training Session focuses on the creation of content and how the pages and tools can be used to bring your website vision to life. 

Preparing for Session 2

Consider the following before the start of Session 2:

  • Your desired ‘Go-Live’ date or anticipated time frame?

  • Your competency regarding website tools
  • Who are the people on your team that will work on the website?

  • Take the time to log in and explore your Stacks site's Dashboard

Session 2 - Pre Work

The following areas of the site should be explored prior to the start of Session 2. Click on the title to access the content:

Session 2 - Outline

The topic for Session 2 is Building A Foundation. The following links will provide you with access to the content for this important step.

Session 2 - Post Work

You are encouraged to learn more about these topics following Session 2: 

Please complete the following action items following Session 2:

  • Finalize your information architecture using a combination of Landing Pages and Basic Pages
  • Create content for your Landing Pages

Looking Ahead - Session 3

The following topics will be covered in Session 3. We encourage you to explore these prior to the Session: