The first session of the Stacks Academy Training Program is intended to give you the knowledge required to setup your new Stacks instance. This will also help ensure that you are ready to create and/or migrate your content. As part of this session, you will learn how to adjust default emails, edit your site name and slogan, as well as other important site information. The session will also take a closer look at how to adjust the site theme, add users and perform other important administrative functions.

Preparing for Session 1

Consider the following before the start of Session 1:

  • Your desired ‘Go-Live’ date or anticipated time frame?

  • Your competency regarding website tools

  • Who are the people on your team that will work on the website?

  • Take the time to log in and explore your Stacks site's Dashboard

Get to Know - Stacks Support Materials

The following are excellent resources: 

  • Stacks Support - - A wealth of information including the user manual and community forums will help you find the right materials you need to build and maintain your website. You can also submit a Support Ticket here. 
  • Stacks Academy Tutorial Videos - Stacks Discovery Channel - All of the latest Tutorial Videos can be found here. 
  • Stacks Discovery Website - - Information, articles, and resources regarding Stacks can be found here. 

Get to Know - Stacks Ticketing System

The following are the types of Support Tickets that you can create:

  • Technical Issue - Reporting something that isn't behaving or working as described in the help documentation

  • How To - Requesting support with trying to accomplish or understand some aspect of Stacks 

  • Enhancement Request - Requesting a change or enhancement be made or added to Stacks

  • Service Request - Requesting a quote for services that fall outside of the scope of a Stacks subscription

  • Request a Trial - Requesting a trial Stacks site on behalf of your organization for the purpose of evaluating the product for purchase

Session 1 - Pre Work

The following areas of the site should be explored prior to the start of Session 1. Click on the title to access the content:

Session 1 - Outline

The topic for Session 1 is Getting Started. The following links will provide you with access to the content for this important step. 

Session 1 - Post Work

You are encouraged to learn more about these topics following Session 1: 

Please complete the following action items following Session 1:

  • Adjust all your default emails and customize your Site Configuration
  • Create and organize your Filter Vocabularies
  • Choose a theme for your website
  • Gather the details necessary for your desired integrations

Looking Ahead - Session 2

The following topics will be covered in Session 2. We encourage you to explore these prior to the Session: