Certain Stacks themes allow you to add a "Today's Hours" element to your top menu bar. This element can be configured to display the first (or only) location's name and business hours for the current day or it can be configured to rotate through each location automatically.

If a user clicks on the element, a popup will appear with a summary of any of your locations' names and today's business hours, with a link to the full location and hours listings. The included image will the one the one provided for the first location in the list.

Add/Configure a 'Today's Hours' Element

  1. Verify that your Locations and Hours are properly configured (read more)
  2. From the Dashboard, click on the 'Theme' tile
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Theme configuration screen
  4. Click the 'Enable' checkbox
  5. Optional 
    Click the 'Rotate' checkbox IF you would like the element to rotate through multiple locations
  6. Click SAVE CONFIGURATION to add the 'Today's Hours' element to the top menu bar