Items returned in RSS feeds might not always be relevant or appropriate for your organization. Alternatively, you might choose to add additional items into an existing RSS Feed. RSS Items can be added or removed from a Feed using the following steps.

Add an Item to an RSS Feed

  1. Click ADD NEW

  2. Enter the title for the feed

    • This will appear in the RSS Feed block once it's been added to a Landing Page panel

  1. Provide the URL for the item

    • This is the link to the original article, web page, blog post, etc.

  1. Provide the name of the RSS Feed to which this item should belong in the 'Source' field

    • It's important that this is exactly the same as the title of the RSS Feed in order for them to be linked appropriately

  1. Add the timestamp for the item

    • Typically this should be the date/time on which the original post was published

  1. Optional Provide a description of the item

    • This is for internal purposes only; it will not be displayed on the Landing Page

  2. Click SAVE to add the item to the feed

Remove Items from an RSS Feed

  1. Click on the RSS Items tile from the RSS page

  2. Click Delete to the right of the item to be removed
  3. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of this item