A Bento search will display results sorted by item type. You may choose to include just one type, say books, or many types such as books, academic journals, DVDs, etc. Result types are grouped together in Bento ‘boxes’ for easier navigation by users.

  1.  After choosing Bento as a search option in Integrations, navigate to the multisearch page

  1. Click CUSTOMIZE THIS PAGE at the bottom of the window

  1. Click thebutton in the top-right corner of the panel you would like to add the Bento search to

  1. Click Bento Search

  1. Click Add a Bento Box

  1. In the ‘Select a Bento Box’ field, select the results type(s) to display

  2. Enter the number of preferred search results to display

  1. Click FINISH to create the Bento Box

  2. Continue adding Bento Boxes as needed

  3. Click SAVE