How To:

  1. Configure your EBSCO Discovery Service API connection
  2. Create Custom Search Filters

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) API configure

  1. Provide the server address, username, password, and profile associated with your organization’s EDS API profile

  1. Fill in your authentication settings

  1. Select the appropriate limiters for your search results

  1. Select the appropriate expanders for your search results

  1. Choose whether to disable common social sharing buttons with search results

  1. Configure Featured Tabs (READ MORE about EDS API Featured Tabs)

  1. Set up your featured tabs
  1. Configure Placards, which include settings related to both Research Starters and Exact Match Publication.


Create Custom Search Filters

When enabled a Custom Filters dropdown list will appear below the main search bar containing the custom filters inputted below if the user has selected the EDS API search format. To enable this feature:

  1. Toggle the checkbox associated with "Show custom filters dropdown"

In the custom filter fields

  1. Add a label for your filter
  2. add one or more parameters to this filter

  1. Click Add another filter to add more custom filter options

To use this feature sample filters (must be available in your current eds profile):

  • Filter Results by Author Field (e.g., searchfield=AU)
  • Filter by a Location (e.g., cl[0]=L01222917:y)

Multiple custom filters in one field can be separated by an ampersand (&):

  • Filter Results by Author Field and a location (e.g., searchfield=AU&cl[0]=L01222917:y)
  • Filter by two locations (e.g., cl[0]=L01222917:y&cl[1]=L01222918:y)

V 3.0.0