How To

  1. Configure the search bar dropdown menu
  2. Toggle content access buttons on/off
  3. Content access button descriptions

Configure Search Dropdown

  1. Check which search options should be available to your users from the search dropdown menu

    • After choosing a search option, making sure to configure its settings by returning to the Search Configuration screen, and choosing the appropriate search feature

  1. Provide a label that should be associated with each option

  1. IF you have chosen to integrate one or many external searches, select the provider from the dropdown menu

  1. Choose which search should be available to users by default

  1. Choose what style you would like to present these search options in. Dropdown or Tabs

  1. Click SAVE CONFIGURATION to apply your search settings

Toggle Content Access Buttons

  1. Check the boxes corresponding to the buttons you would like active


Content Access Button Descriptions

The following are definitions that outline the functionality of each of these buttons:

CONNECT - Full Text Finder (FTF) - May require an authentication method to be configured

REQUEST ITEM - ILS integrated function that allows an authenticated user to place a hold request

VIEW CATALOG - Exposes the ILS DeepLink (not SSO) and takes the user out of Stacks to the item details page in the catalog. This link is given to Stacks by the ILS API

READ MORE - Exposes the EDS Plink (May be authorized by IP Range, SSO, or allow guest access)

READ ONLINE - Exposes the PDF, eBook, or online access URL - in some cases provides Full Text access (Requires IP Whitelist, Patron Authentication, or SSO)

ADD TO SAVED LIST - Requires "Patron" role authentication and saves to Stacks "My Account"

EXPORT - Exposes a download button for items in your connected EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) instance that include a downloadable file

Note: The labels for each of these buttons can be changed in "Site Labels" and will be applied anywhere the corresponding button appears on the site.

V 3.0.0