You can set dates during which room bookings are not permitted. 

Closed dates may be set on a Room-by-Room basis or can be applied to all of your organization’s Rooms at once. 

Example: You may choose to have rooms not available during holiday break starting December 25th.

  1. Click the ‘Closed Dates’ tile


  3. Provide the description for the Closed Date in the ‘Purpose’ field

  1. Check the box in the header in the ‘Spaces’ section to apply the Closed Date to all Rooms
    OR Check the boxes of the Rooms to which to the Closed Date applies

  1. Choose the date and time, or range of dates when the room(s) will be closed to Bookings

  1. If the Closed Date will repeat regularly (eg. a room is closed to bookings on the third day of every month), check the ‘Repeating’ check box and provide the details