To enable Google Places syncing within Stacks, you will need to have a Google Places API enabled as well as a Google Business listing. 

Note: Google Maps requires its own API Key.

Google Places is a service provided by Google free of cost. Learn more about Google Places Usage Limits and Billing.

The following videos give a brief overview of how to obtain these API keys:


  • You will need to verify your Google Business account prior to using its API key. As this is done by mail, it's important to take that delay into account.
  • You are now able to use one (1) API key for both Google services so long as they are both enabled in your Google cloud console.

  1. Enter your Google Places API key in the appropriate fields below. These are found under the Google Places tile which is behind the Integrations tile on the Stacks Dashboard.

  1. Test the key: query a location with a known Google Business listing such as EBSCO

  1. Enter the Google Maps API key


    • If Google Maps integration is correctly configured, the maps associated with ‘Locations & Hours’ should now be enabled.

Enable Google Places Syncronization

You have the ability to ask the system to continuously check google places for updates to your location details. The system will then update that location in Stacks to reflect the current details from the google places listing.

  1. Check the "Enable Google Places Synchronization" box

Note: This will overwrite any hours or address changes that you have made to a location exclusively in Stacks.

V 2.1.4