Manage all your events and program listings with online registration.

How To

Create an Event Listing

  1. Click ADD NEW

  2. Enter the name of your event in the ’Title’ field

  1. Enter a start date/time
    OR Enter both a start and end time

    • To include the end time, make sure the ’Show End Date’ checkbox is checked

  1. IF your event will be repeating, check the ‘Repeat’ checkbox

  1. Choose whether the event will be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly from the ’Repeats’ dropdown menu

  2. Complete the fields to set the repeating schedule, including when the event should stop repeating

  3. Set any dates that should be excluded or included outside of the set schedule

  1. Optional Set the Type, Topic, and/or Category for the event

  2. Enter the location associated with the event

  1. In the ’Body’ WYSIWYG editor, include the description of the event, information for participants, etc.

    • This could include text, links, and images

  1. To attach additional files to your event listing, click CHOOSE FILE under ’Add a new file’

  1. Continue attaching as many files as needed

  2. Once all files are added, click UPLOAD to attach them

  3. To include an image to be displayed alongside the event details, click BROWSE under ’Image’

  1. Complete the ’Publication Date’ section

  • Stacks allows you to choose not only when an event listing will be published for viewing by users, but also when that listing will close

  • Event listings may be created well ahead of time and scheduled to be opened or closed to users at specific, scheduled dates

  • To publish an event immediately, make sure the present date is set; otherwise, set the publication and end dates as needed

  1. Optional To link to a third-party signup or registration page, complete the ‘External Signups’ section

    1. Select ‘Yes’ under ‘Override Stacks Signups’

    2. Provide the title for the external signups link

    3. Provide the third-party url

  1. Click 'Signup settings' at the bottom of the screen

    1. Choose whether to enable or disable signups

    2. Check whether to allow user to sign up for this event when first registering on the site

  1. Click SAVE to create the event

Sign Up Users for an Event

Stacks allows you to sign users up for events without them being logged in.

Example Allow a staff member to sign up a user for an event, over the phone.

  1. Click Edit to the right of the Event

  1. Click the ‘Add’ tab

  2. Enter the user’s Stacks Username as well as their proper name

  3. Optional Enter a contact phone number

  4. Click SIGN UP

Edit an Event Listing

  1. Click Edit to the right of the event

  1. Make any necessary changes to the event

  2. Click SAVE to apply your edits

Delete an Event Listing

  1. Click Delete to the right of the event

  2. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of the event