Create surveys and polls with ease, and manage the results with a robust tool set. 

How To

Create an Easy Form

  1. Click 'ADD NEW'

  2. Add a Title for the form

  3. Include any content that will be displayed (will appear before the specific fields in the form) using the ’Body’ editor

    • Example: A description of the form or instructions for use

  1. Click 'SAVE' to save edits made and to begin adding form elements

  1. To add fields, click on the field type in the ‘Add a field’ toolbox
    OR - Drag the field from the toolbox located on the right side of the page into the ’Form preview’ window

    • Fields can be reordered by dragging them upwards or downwards within the Form preview window

  1. Click on the field within the ’Form preview’ window to expand and edit properties

Edit an Easy Form

  1. Click Edit to the right of the Easy Form that you want to edit

  1. Make any changes to the Easy Form

  2. Click 'SAVE' to apply your edits

Delete an Easy Form

  1. Click Delete to the right of the Easy Form you want to delete

  2. Click 'DELETE' again to confirm the removal of this Easy Form

Add Conditionals to FormFields

  1. Click the Conditionals under WEBFORM

  1. Click 'Add a new Condition' button

  1. Define an 'If <> then' statement based on the fields you have added in WEBFORM
  2. Click 'Save Conditions'

Add Send to Emails

  1. Click on E-mails in WEBFORM

  1. Type the desired email address or select a component value based on the fields you have added in WEBFORM
  2. Click 'ADD'

  1. If you want these emails to start sending the next time a response is submitted, ensure the 'Enable sending' box is checked
  2. Adjust the email header details as desired

  1. Adjust the body of the email template as desired

  1. Choose what form field values to include automatically in the email
  2. Click the 'Save E-mail Settings' button to save changes made

V 2.1.4