Create an online index of external databases within your Stacks website

How To

Create a Custom Block

  1. Click ADD NEW

  2. Add a descriptive title that will be easily identified by users

  1. Optional Provide a brief description of the database listing

  1. Optional Click BROWSE to add an image to the Database Listing

  1. Set a category for the Database and check whether the Database should be featured

  1. Enter your proxy url in the ‘URL’ field

  1. Click SAVE to add your Database Listing to your Stacks site

Edit a Database Listing

  1. Locate the Database Listing you would like to edit from the list

  2. Click Edit to the right of the Database to be edited

  1. Make any necessary changes to the Database Listing

  2. Click SAVE to apply your edits

Delete a Database Listing

  1. Click Delete to the right of the Database Listing to be deleted

  2. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of this Database Listing