Callouts are visual bookmarks which highlight special events, a particular section of the site, a set of services, etc. Callouts are generally displayed with a title and image as well as optional links.

How To

Create a Row of Callouts

  1. Click ADD NEW

  2. Add a title to describe your row of Callouts

  1. Click on ‘Callout 1’ to expand its fields

  2. Add a short descriptive title, an image, a description and the url to which users should be directed after clicking on the Callout

  • Images must be exactly 800 x 600 pixels, and no larger than 2 MB

  1. To include a link to the bottom of a Callout, include a title and the URL for the link

  1. Additional links can be added by clicking on ADD ANOTHER ITEM, and repeating Step #5

  2. Repeat Steps #3-6 until all of your Callouts have been created
    • You may choose to create between two and four callouts. Changing the number of Callouts may change the way they are displayed within panels, depending on your theme.
  1. Click SAVE to create the row of Callouts

Edit a Row of Callouts

  1. Locate the row of Callouts you would like to edit from the list of Callouts

  2. Click Edit to the right of the row of Callouts to be edited

  1. Make any necessary changes to the Row of Callouts

  2. Click SAVE to apply your changes

Delete a Row of Callouts

  1. Click Delete to the right of the row of Callouts to be deleted

  2. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of this Row of Callouts