Customize dropdown menus and manage their items and links

How To

Add Links to an Existing Menu

  1. Click add link to the right of the menu listing

  1. Add a menu link title

  • This is the text that will be displayed in the menu

  1. Add the path for the link

  • This can be an internal (eg node/add) or external (eg

    • To enter a non-linkable item, enter <nolink>

  1. Provide a description for the link

  2. Choose whether to enable or disable the link

  1. Select the link which will be this menu item’s 'Parent link'

  1. Set the ‘Weight’ for the menu item

  1. Check which user roles the menu item should be shown to or hidden from

  2. Click SAVE

Edit a Menu Link

  1. Click list links to the right of the Menu

  1. Click edit to the right of the link

  1. Make any necessary changes to the link

  2. Click SAVE

  3. Click SAVE CONFIGURATION to apply your edits