Manage your organization’s media library; these items will available while creating most content

How To

Add New Media Files

  1. Click ADD FILE

  1. Click CHOOSE FILE under ’Add a new file’

  1. Browse to find the file on your desktop

  2. Click OPEN

  3. Choose the folder to which the file should be added

  4. Click UPLOAD

  5. Click NEXT

  6. Choose to keep the existing file name or rename it

  1. Provide ‘alt text’

    • Alternative text is used by screen readers, search engines, and when the image cannot be loaded. By adding alt text you improve accessibility and search engine optimization.

  1. Add ‘title text’

    • Title text is used in the tool tip when a user hovers their mouse over the image. Adding title text makes it easier to understand the context of an image and improves usability.

  1. Confirm the media folder

  1. Include any tags you might want to use to identify the file

  2. Click SAVE to add the file to the Media Library

Create Media Folders

These folders can be used to sort and organize the media files you upload to Stacks


  1. Click ADD TERM

  1. At a minimum, provide a name for the folder

  • Optional
    IF this folder should be a subfolder of another:

  1. Expand the ‘Relations’ accordion

  2. Select the parent folder

  3. Set the weight

    • This is the order the folder should appear in, if there are other subfolders
  1. Click SAVE to create the media folder

Organize Media Files

Once uploaded, files may be moved from one media folder to another.

  1. Click on the media folder which contains the file you would like to move

    • Make sure the folder is highlighted in yellow

  1. Drag the file from the ‘Media Files’ pane into the appropriate folder

The file will now appear in the new folder. This does not affect how the file is used throughout Stacks.

Edit a Media File’s Meta Data

  1. Select the appropriate media file from the media library


  1. Make any changes required

  2. Click SAVE to apply your edits

Remove a File from the Media Library

  1. Select the appropriate media file from the media library


  1. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of this file

Download a Single Media File

  1. Select the appropriate media file from the media library


Download Multiple Media Files at Once

  1. Drag any media files from the library into the ‘Media Basket”

    • You can download media from several different folders at once, using this method

  1. Click DOWNLOAD FILES IN MEDIA BASKET to download all of the files to your computer