Set locations and hours for one or many locations, with optional Google Places integration, details and maps. This may include the main location, separate branches, rooms and spaces within locations, etc.

Create a Location Listing

  1. Click ADD NEW

  2. Enter the title which describes your location in the Location name field

  1. Optional Use the Google Places query to auto-complete many of the fields for the Location:

    1. Ensure that the Google Places API Key has been properly configured

    2. Enter the name of your location in the ’Google Places query and click the SYNC ADDRESS FROM GOOGLE button

    3. If you expand the Location, Contact, and Hours sections, and Google Places Integration is properly configured, you’ll notice that Google has auto-completed many of the fields for you

    4. If the information is incorrect, correct it as necessary

      • OR - Double-check that your initial query was both correct and specific enough

  1. Complete any relevant fields not auto-populated by the Google Places Query

    1. In the ’Contact’ section include the contact information for the location itself as well as the information for any people acting as primary contacts

    2. More than one contact person’s information can be included as needed

    3. Add operating hours for the location by expanding and completing the ’Hours’ section

  2. Click SAVE


If you've integrated your Google Maps API and your Google Business listing includes the location's address, it will now appear as an 'Info Window' above the map marker for that location.