How To

Create a User Profile

  1. Click ADD USER

  2. Enter a username

    • This must be unique and must not contain any punctuation except for: periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores

  1. Enter an e-mail address for the user

    • All e-mails from Stacks will be sent to this address

    • This address will not be made public, and will only be used if the user requests a new password or wishes to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail

  1. Enter and confirm the user’s password

    • To create a stronger password, ensure that it contains at least six characters, upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and/or punctuation

  1. Set the user’s status to ’Active’ or ’Blocked’

    • If the account is blocked, the user will not be able to access the site’s features

  2. Check the ’Notify user of new account’ checkbox if you would like to send the user an e-mail notification of the account’s creation

  1. Under ’Roles’, check the box(es) that are relevant to the user profile you are creating

    • There are four user roles/permission levels:

      • Administrator

      • Moderator

      • Editor

      • Contributor

      • user


Edit a User Profile

  1. Click edit to the right of the username

  1. Make any necessary changes to the user's profile

  2. Click SAVE to apply your edits

Cancel a User Profile

  1. Locate the user whose account you would like to cancel from the People list

  2. Click edit to the right of the username
  3. Click CANCEL ACCOUNT to completely remove this user record