1. Choose how to display the Google Translate option in your header from the ‘Look’ dropdown menu

    • Flags will display the flag most commonly associated with that language
      If ‘Flags’ is selected, and ‘English’ is enabled, the Union Jack will be displayed

    • Dropdown will display the language options in a dropdown menu

    • Flags and dropdown will display both the language and its flag in a dropdown menu

  1. Choose the default language for your site from the ‘Main Language’ dropdown menu

  1. IF you choose to use flags, set their size under ‘Flag Size’

  1. Choose whether the translated page should be opened in a new window

  2. Choose whether Google Analytics should track translation events

  1. Click on Language Configuration to choose which languages to include as translation

  • By default, all languages will be set to ‘No’

  • IF you have previously set the Look of the translation service to either ‘Flags’ or ‘Flags and dropdown’, only those languages which have the ‘As a flag’ option enabled, will appear

  1. Click SAVE CONFIGURATION to apply Google Translate settings