Configure site-specific details including the site name and slogan (which can appear in the header), and the email address from which automated emails will be sent from. You can also enable or disable the use of Landing Pages.

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Site Details

  1. Enter the name of the organization, which will appear in the header, in the ‘Site name’ field

  2. Enter the website slogan in ‘Slogan’ field

    • If no slogan is entered, the space will be left empty

    • The use of the slogan is dependent on the site’s theme

  3. Enter the email address from which automated emails should be sent from your Stacks site

    • To prevent emails sent from this address from being flagged as spam by the recipient, use an address ending with your site’s domain (ex.

  4. Enter an 'Access Denied' message that should appear when a user lands on a page they do not have permission to see

  5. Enter a 'Page Not Found' message that should appear when attempts to access a page that does not exist in the site

  6. Enter a 'Result Not Found' message that should appear when a user executes a search that returns no results

Time Zone

  1. Set the Default Country

  2. Choose the First Day of the Week

    • This will configure the site calendar accordingly

For Example: If we set Wednesday as the 'First day of the week', the calendar will appear as below:

  1. Set the Default Time Zone for the site

    • The time zone may affect Room Bookings, the Calendar, and Events among other features. It is important that this is set appropriately.

  2. Choose whether users may set their own time zone

    • This will override the default

  3. Choose if the system should remind users at login if their time zone is not set

  1. Choose whether new users should have the time zone set as the default, empty, or may set their own at registration.

    • This last option only applies if you have also chosen to allow users to set their own time zone.

Event Signup Settings

  1. Configure the default settings for event signups. These are the signup details that are given to new events created in your Stacks site.
    • Send signups to: Email address that will receive an email every time someone registers for this event
    • Send confirmation: If enabled, the system will send an email to users when they signup, with confirmation details
    • Confirmation email: Defines the body text of the confirmation email
    • Send reminder: If enabled, the system will send an email to users when at the defined time prior to the event start
    • Sign up limit: Max default number of registrations for events

Top Menu Items

  1. Optional: To link to an external site, provide the text for the link that will appear in the header, as well as the URL for the site

  1. Choose which icons, if any, should appear in the Top Menu

  1. Choose whether to enable or disable the ‘Font Resizer’

  1. Choose whether to enable or disable the Google Translate toggle

  1. Enable or disable 'Stacks Website Search'
    • Enabling this feature will allow users to search content your organization has created on the website rather than only that provided by your EDS or ILS configuration

  1. Verify that your Locations and Hours are properly configured (read more)
  2. Optional: Configure a Location Bar

  1. Click the 'Enable' checkbox
  2. Optional: Click the 'Enable Slide/Rotate' checkbox IF you would like the element to rotate through multiple locations
  3. Optional: Click 'Choose File' to upload an image to include in the modal that appears if the user clicks on the Location Bar

  • This bar will be added to the header and can be set to display either the first location in your locations list or to rotate through all locations

  • If the user clicks on this bar, a modal will pop up with that location's hours for the current day along with their contact information. If you've  chosen to include an image with the modal (modal image), it will be included at the top of this popup.

Site-Wide Tools

  1. Click the 'Enabled' checkbox to turn site-wide password protection on or off
  • If site-wide password protection is enabled, users must be signed in to access any and all pages. This can be helpful during the initial setup up phase, or for organization's whose Stacks site and its contents are not intended for public consumption.

Note: You can specify whether the initial login displayed accepts "Patron" login credentials instead of "Administrator/Staff" credentials. Using the "Set Patron login form as default" checkbox. As well as redirect the staff or patron user to the homepage on login. By default, the Patron is taken to "My Account" and Staff are sent to the Stacks Dashboard.

  1. Click the 'Enabled' checkbox to turn 'Outdated Browser Detection' on or off
  • Your users' Stacks experience may not be optimal if the browser they are using is not up to date. Enabling this feature will warn users when their browser version might affect functionality. Read more.

  1. Optional Add a custom message to alert users that their browser is out of date


Bento/Block Settings

This toggle allows you to control whether the results boxes in the Bento Search area appear and display a no result message or simply do not appear when they do not return any results for the current search, to enable this feature:

  1. Click the checkbox


V 2.3.0