Depending on how your Stacks site is configured, users may have the ability to search the ILS, external databases, or the content of the site itself. users can also save both their search criteria and/or any of the results of a search. users can select a different method by clicking on the dropdown menu to the right of the search bar.

How To

Save a Search

After performing a search, users can save their search criteria for quick reuse at a later date. Saved Search functionality requires ILS and EDS TM (EBSCO Delivery Service) authentication.

  1. Ensure that the user is logged in
    • Only authenticated users can save searches
  1. After the user performs a search, click Save This Search in the top right corner above the search results

  1. To view the user’s Saved Searches, click My Account in the main menu

  1. In the ‘My Account’ page, click "Your Saved List"

    • This will display a list of any items the user has

Remove an item from a Saved Search